Who Are We?

CrossFit DCL has its roots in the Clarksville community. Coach Matt Biolsi began coaching people out of his garage, self-named “The Laboratory”, just off Dunbar Cave road until he could no longer support the growing demand. Matt firmly believes that CrossFit, as with all fitness programs, is an experiment- an experiment to find the best methodologies to get people in the best shape of their lives. Many fitness programs claim to have the “best methods” or the “best equipment” but by what means are these methods or equipment tested? CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab uses the CrossFit definition of fitness of “Increased work capacity across broad times and modal domains”. In other words, do more work in less time. Life doesn’t care if you’re a world record power lifter or a house mom, we are all placed in situations where we need to be able to lift, run and push and by using the CrossFit methodologies we feel you will be able to handle any challenge life presents you. Now located off 101st Airborne Division Parkway and Peachers Mill Road, CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab is set to serve the Clarksville, Fort Campbell, and Oak Grove communities.

The Mission of CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab

Our mission is to enhance the health and overall well being of our community. Our class sizes are small in order to give personalized attention to athletes looking to better themselves. Our open gym times are designed to give those athletes with busy schedules time to come in and get a workout even when life demands get in the way. If you’re training for a specific goal, talk to us about our Personal Programming and Distance Programming options.

 Athlete of the Month: Andrea Trujillo 


Our athlete of the month is Andrea Trujillo! Andrea came in as just a runner looking to expand her fitness goals. Since then, not only has she kept her ability to run like she normally does, she’s incorporating weightlifting and crossfit quickly into her regime. Andrea is a great athlete, with a competitive attitude who is only beginning her journey, while doing it well!

Andrea: I have always been a runner but finally someone convinced me to come to DCL and work on some weight lifting with her. Not much later I was a member and greatly enjoying crossfit. It was entirely different than what I was used to. As much as I appreciated that challenge, I had a hard time accepting the fact I couldn’t do everything right away. But thanks to such an amazing community, I never felt short. I have found something to challenge me in a good way. Then there’s also to say all of the friendships I’ve built from being here.

Over the last year I have seen my body completely change, yes I can still go for a run, but I can do more than just that thanks to time and great coaches that are willing to deal with me. I truly enjoy our workouts and what the programming at dcl has done for me. It’s been a year and the physical challenge this gave me was what I needed



Our Location

CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab

  • 931-217-9246

  • 207 Harnett Court, Clarksville, TN, 37042

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