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Are you a competitive CrossFitter or are you looking to be fit for life?

Are you a competitive CrossFitter or are you looking to be fit for life?

This article is intended to address where we have come as a sport in CrossFit.  The concept of CrossFit was ingenious.  We are told to focus on functional movement patterns and movements to increase our general physical preparedness, or GPP.  The idea is great and the methodology

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1st pull in the snatch and clean

If the Pull is off, the lift will be as well. The 1st Pull in the Snatch and Clean makes the difference between a successful and missed lift. Trenz Pruca – March 17, 2016 The importance of the 1st pull   A lot of powerlifting coaches will

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Breathing Mechanics

Breathe People…Breathe!!  Proper Breathing Mechanics for Weightlifting and Metabolic Conditioning Dcl Blog #3 – February 17, 2016You have to breathe!!! From the day we are born, we have involuntary muscle movements.  Our body is born knowing how to do certain things.  It knows how to pump blood

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Importance of Box Jumps in Explosive Training

Importance of box jumps in explosive training. Matt Biolsi DCL Blog #2             It’s time to clear up some misconceptions of explosive training.  Lately, I’ve been working with a couple of rugby athletes and they were asking me to help improve their “explosive power”.  Even though I

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Weightlifting…My thoughts

 Technical issues or something else?      I’ll confess, as I write this blog I am sitting here watching the AFC Championship Game and not watching the East Coast Championships, which are live streaming.  I love sitting down watching two future hall of famers, Peyton Manning and

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