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Training against the Whiteboard

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a blog on this topic: the mentality of many CrossFit athletes.  I am not attacking the sport aspect of CrossFit, this is my sport after all.  Too often, however, we see athletes that will sacrifice everything

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More Volume Doesn’t Always Mean Better Results

More Volume Doesn't Always Mean Better Results

One of the best books I have ever read, when it comes to strength training, has been “Supertraining” from Mel Siff.   One of the quotes attributed to Dr. Siff  that really stuck out to me is, “You don’t train minimally, you don’t train maximally, you train

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American Youth and Weightlifting

American Youth and Weightlifting

It’s been an amazing week for Team DCL Weightlifting.  I had the privilege of taking Danielle and Makinley to the USAW 2016 National Youth Championships and our girls performed phenomenally over these past few days.  Over the weekend I had made several observations of the future of

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1st pull in the snatch and clean

If the Pull is off, the lift will be as well. The 1st Pull in the Snatch and Clean makes the difference between a successful and missed lift. Trenz Pruca – March 17, 2016 The importance of the 1st pull   A lot of powerlifting coaches will

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