Garrik Dennis


CrossFit Certifications:
Level 1 Trainer

Hello fellow Lab Rats! My name is Garrik, and I am currently your “Zero-Dark-Thirty” class trainer. I began my CrossFit journey as most “bros” do, unsatisfied with the endless cycles of chest days and curls for the girls, and began primarily training in CrossFit in 2015. It quickly satisfied my desire for intense workouts, creative programming, and having a unique group of people to enjoy it all with. Wanting to share the love, I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer int he Fall of 2016, and have genuinely enjoyed training the athletes of Dunbar Cave Lab ever since!

Physical fitness has been my passion since I was young. I grew up in the manicured suburbs of sunny Southern California climbing every tree and exploring every skate park possible. Either due to hyperactivity or…. hyperactivity, I found myself outside and crawling through, climbing up, and jumping from everything I could. If I was overcoming fears, out of breath, sore, or exhausted the next day, I was happy.

Once my childhood skate park days were over, I jumped in the high school pool and started what seemed like consecutive years of swimming laps, competing in the 50m freestyle and 100m back-stroke. I combined my swimming with valiant, but less-than-record-breaking efforts on the track. My college and military days lent themselves heavily to endurance training, with years of long walks in the woods and a half-Ironman. These years also marked the beginning of my exploration of the enthralling idea of functional fitness. I have since delighted in forcing my body to be thrashed around in the CrossFit whirlpool while keeping a toe in the endurance hot tub.

“Who Dares, Wins” is my favorite motto, and it spearheads my passion to live at my best, and to help others live at theirs. The culture of CrossFit, and undoubtedly of “The Lab”, has grown to one focused on helping people achieve goals, become physically better, and socially interdependent, and that is what I strive to facilitate.