Kristy Gonzalez
CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab


CrossFit Level 1 Certified
2012 Focus on Fitness and Athletic Performance for Youth and Adults

Hi! My name is Kristy Gonzalez and I am a 34 year old wife to a hard-working soldier and mother to a hilariously smart and beautiful daughter. I was active in high school and college, and I dabbled in trying to stay fit my whole life, but did not start to take it seriously until I was diagnosed at the age of 26 as a type one diabetic. It was time to get serious so I bought a treadmill and started desperately trying anything I could to live an active lifestyle. My diagnosis scared me and I was certain that a short, miserable, complication-filled life was ahead for me. I was wrong. There are some days that it slows me down but it does not stop me. I find great satisfaction in conquering difficult WODs on days that my diabetes doesn’t want me to succeed.
I was introduced to and began to passively follow Crossfit in 2008 when my husband started at a box in North Carolina. I went to classes at a globo-gym, did P90X, and worked out mostly by myself doing videos and body-weight WODs I pulled off the internet until 2013. Following our move to Alabama, I signed-up at a local box. My career in human resources wasn’t traveling well with our continual moving, so I had decided to become a group fitness instructor and had been studying to get my certification. However, the closest gym to my house was a small local box, and wodding there day after day changed my mind. Making it through those WODs day after day, when I thought that there’s no way I can do it, changed my mind; it changed me. After looking at the theory and philosophy behind Crossfit more seriously, I found that it resonated with me. I went for my L1 in August of 2014. I decided that Crossfit was how I was going to reach people and that Crossfit was how I could make a difference in people’s lives. Crossfit is how I plan to model a healthy lifestyle for my daughter. Whether you are looking to just get moving again, to improve on your current level of fitness, or are looking to become a true fire-breather, I am here for you! This is my story and I look forward to hearing yours.