Holly Cano

Hello, my name is Holly Cano and I am a 15 year Active Duty Army Veteran. I have always enjoyed some level of fitness. In high school I ran track and was the Captain of the Varsity Dance/Cheerleading Team. It wasn’t until I was told by the Army I would never run again did I find CrossFit. At the time, I had been on a permanent running profile for seven years and just recovered from hip surgery. So February of 2012 I started my relationship with CrossFit.

I instantly became hooked and slowly started to feel myself getting stronger. In June that year I decided to try this coaching thing out and went to my CrossFit level One out in California. It took about a year of hard work and training but the fall of 2013 my permanent profile for running was removed and I was scoring higher than I ever had on the Army Physical Fitness Test. Was it CrossFit that fixed me? I believe that the functional fitness of CrossFit is what allowed me to strengthen where I was weak and ultimately make me a better athlete. But it is a struggle every day.

I came to work for Matt at CrossFit Dunbar Cave Lab shortly after he had opened and have been there ever since. There is nothing like the Lab and its programming. I love the athletes that come into that building, everyone having a different fitness journey. If I can help one athlete accomplish one their fitness goals, then my job has been achieved. Thanks to Matt for allowing me the flexibility to help my athletes in the best ways I know possible. I truly love working with all of them.

Come and join the 0730 Crew, you will not be disappointed! #bettereveryday, #0730crew

  • CF LVL 1
  • CF LVL 2
  • CF Weightlifting
  • CF Scaling Course
  • CF Judges Course
  • Masters Exercise Science – Performance Enhancement/Injury Prevention
  • NASE – Certified Speed Specialist
  • NASM PES – Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Born Primitive Ambassador
  • CPR Certified


ADDRESS: 207 Harnett Ct. • Clarksville, TN
PHONE: 931.217.9246

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